Core Clinical Competencies in Anesthesiology

Author : Christopher J. Gallagher

Published in : Cambridge University Press

ISBN No.  : 978-0-521-14413-1

File Type : pdf

File Size : 8 mb

Language : English


A long time ago, inamedical galaxy far, far away, medical education was a simple matter of apprenticeship: You washed up on the shores of a residency. For three years, you did anesthesia. The residency released you into the wild, with the admonition, “Go ye forth and minister anesthesia unto the people.” But, alas, as time passed, the educational process grew in complexity. Enter the Core Clinical Competencies. Wise men and women gathered themselves together and reconsidered the apprenticeship idea. And thusly they spake, “The doctors know not of what they teach. They are misguided and errant in their ways. For them to teach unto their young charges, theymust teachaswe, thewisemenandwomenof education, feel you must teach.” And the wise men and women of education climbed a great mountain, to seek commandments. They sought 10, but found they only 6. And these six commandments, they were writ in stone and given unto the wise men and women of education. From themountain came they down, bearing six commandments with them. And they showed these six commandments to all who would teach doctors the art of healing the halt and lame.
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