Clinical Anesthesia 5th Edition

Author : Paul G. Barash MD

Published in : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins


File Type : pdf

File Size : 78 mb

Language : English


In Clinical Anesthesia book Transformation in the delivery of patient care, combined with changes in education, is the new paradigm for anesthesiology in the 21st century. Minimizing costs while improving efficiency and enhancing patient safety are the goals of contemporary anesthesia practice. To ensure that practitioners have incorporated the most-up-to-date information in their practice, certifying and licensing authorities have mandated continual education and testing both at the trainee and at the practicing anesthesiologist level. These changes are coupled with the need for ongoing innovation as the anesthesiologist continues to be challenged to adapt clinical management to new surgical procedures and technologies. These developments are an extension of the observation we made in the first edition of Clinical Anesthesia: “The major achievements of modern surgery would not have taken place without the accompanying vision of the pioneers in anesthesiology.” Anesthesiology is recognized as the specialty that has done the most to ensure patient safety. Despite these advances, the specialty's own leadership, in addition to outside agencies, has mandated further improvement. No longer does the anesthesiologist have the luxury of admitting the patient to the hospital a day or more before the surgical procedure and of performing a leisurely workup and preoperative assessment.
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