Cardiac Gene Expression Methods and Protocols


Author : Jun Zhang & Gregg Rokosh

Published in : Humana press

ISBN : 1-59745-030-8

File Type : pdf

File Size : 5 mb

Language : English


The past decade has ushered in enormous changes in how we perceive and study changes in gene expression in the heart. Early in the 1990s, the human genome project was just getting underway and establishing methods with the sensitivity to measure changes in the expression of genes with low copy number was an accomplishment. We all experienced some trepidation when the first news of microarrays arrived espousing the ability to measure changes in expression of hundreds to tens of thousands of genes (the whole genome) at once. This high throughput method was an astonishing jump in our approach to biological science. At the same time Steve Fodor and Pat Brown published papers describing two completely different approaches to measuring the expression changes of large numbers of genes at the same time. Thus began the microarray era and as a consequence the beginning of an era with a host of new approaches in pursuit of understanding the role and regulation of gene expression in cell biology and pathology including driving forward the field of bioinformatics. The array, no pun intended, of contributions contained in Cardiac Gene Expression: Methods and Protocols an edition of Humana’s Methods in Molecular series, address both new and established methods that researchers in the cardiac field will certainly find useful as a reference for the development of projects and training. Our aim in this compilation was to provide insight and details for a comprehensive range of methods that will serve both startup and sophisticated users alike. Sections cover expression profiling by microarray Section I, targeted analysis of gene expression (Section II), transcription factor DNA binding and regulation of promoter activity (Section III), in silico approaches to identifying functional cis regulatory elements and regulation of cardiac gene expression (Section IV), in silico and mass spectrometry methods to identify sequence nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) (Section V), and to bring findings from the above studies to the next level overexpression of genes in vivo and isolated myocytes and cardiac-specific targeted gene deletion (Section VI).
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