CARDIOVASCULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY Shared Pathways and Clinical Crossroads


Author : Vivian A. Fonseca

Published in : Humana Press

ISBN No.  : 978-1-59745-141-3

File Type : pdf

File Size : 6 mb

Language : English


In the last two to three decades, cardiovascular disease and diabetes have emerged as a major public health problem. This is partly related to the epidemic of obesity, which plays a major role in the pathogenesis of both diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In addition, several other hormones and cytokines have been shown to play an important role in the regulation of the vascular system. This increase in the clinical problems of cardiovascular disease in a large segment of the population has brought together the two disciplines of vascular biology and endocrinology. This book highlights the many common pathophysiological processes involved in this epidemic and the common clinical manifestations that result from them. The book has several important contributions from distinguished workers in the field. Derek Leroith begins with a novel view of the hormonal regulation of the vascular system, starting, not surprisingly, with pituitary and hypothalamic factors that may impact vascular disease. The problems of diabetes and cardiovascular disease are extensively covered in a number of chapters, including a review of the epidemiology of the problem by James Meigs, and the important disruption of the nitric oxide signaling system, as well as the role of fatty acids and cytokines in the development of this problem, which are discussed by Bobby Nossaman and Gunther Boden, respectively.
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