Author : Walter R. Niessen

Published in : Marcel Dekker

ISBN No.  : 0-8247-0629-3

File Type : pdf

File Size : 6 mb

Language : English


The third edition of Combustion and Incineration Processes incorporates technology updates and additional detail on combustion and air pollution control, process evaluation, design, and operations from the 1990s. Also, the scope has been expanded to include: 
(1) additional details and graphics regarding the design and operational characteristics of municipal waste incineration systems and numerous refinements in air pollution control, 
(2) the emerging alternatives using refuse gasification technology, 
(3) lower-temperature thermal processing applied to soil remediation, and 
(4) plasma technologies as applied to hazardous wastes. The accompanying diskette offers additional computer tools.
The 1990s were difficult for incineration-based waste management technologies in the United States. New plant construction slowed or stopped because of the anxiety of the public, fanned at times by political rhetoric, about the health effects of air emissions. Issues included a focus on emissions of ‘‘air toxic’’ (heavy metals and a spectrum of organic compounds); softening in the selling price of electricity generated in waste-to-energy
plants; reduced pressure on land disposal as recycling programs emerged; and the opening of several new landfills and some depression in land filling costs. Also, the decade saw great attention paid to the potential hazards of incinerator ash materials (few hazards were demonstrated, however). These factors reduced the competitive pressures that supported burgeoning incinerator growth of the previous decade.
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