Author : Saleem Hashmi, Gilmar Ferreira Batalha & Chester J. Van Tyne

Published in : Elsevier

ISBN No.  : 978-0-08-096532-1

File Type : pdf

File Size : 18 mb

Language : English


In recent years considerable advances have taken place in materials and their processing technologies, the pace of which is progressing at an accelerated rate. It is therefore vitally important that researchers, academics, design engineers, and manufacturing technologists be up to date with these new developments. Such developments open up excellent opportunities to improve effective utilization of material resources, improve efficiency, reliability, durability, and cost effectiveness of the products. This comprehensive series will serve researchers all over the world in keeping them fully abreast of such new developments. Comprehensive Materials Processing is a one-stop resource consolidating and enhancing the literature of the materials processing and manufacturing universe. The work addresses recent progress in materials technologies and science as well as covering recent developments in specific manufacturing processes involved with materials for applications in engineering, biomedical, environmental protection, health and safety, and sensor materials and technologies. The authoritative analysis of these processes will assist scientists and engineers in the selection, design, and usage of materials, whether required in the lab or in action across industry. As the editor-in-chief of this comprehensive series, a truly collaborative work, I am greatly indebted to the volume editors, internationally renowned experts in their fields, for guiding and selecting the topics for their respective volumes, commissioning authors, and reviewing the content so meticulously. Their true dedication to the scientific community is reflected in the time and energy they have given to this project. My sincere thanks are also due to all of the author sere searchers and materials practitioners who have contributed extensive coverage of literature review as well as recent works of research to this huge project. Their insight and specialist knowledge in their respective fields is reflected in the high quality of this work. Myself, the three associate editors-in-chief, and all of the volume editors are greatly appreciative of all the hard work undertaken to turn this idea into a publishable work. Our special thanks go to Gemma Tomalin, the project manager, along with Joanne Williams, and the rest of the team at Elsevier who served successively to keep the project on track through friendly nudges in order to ensure timely completion. We are also hugely grateful to Mohamed Imran khan for his dutiful coordination of the proofs. The extensive academic discussion of core theories and applications, supplemented by applied case studies and advanced multimedia features has drawn together numerous areas of research and I sincerely hope that this work will prove to be of great help to both the young and experienced members of the international research community, academics, and industrial practitioners for many years to come.
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