Fish Neuroendocrinology VOLUME 28


Author : Anthony P. Farrell & Colin J. Brauner

Published in : Academic Press

ISBN No.  : 978-0-12-374631-3

File Type : pdf

File Size : 5 mb

Language : English


The field of fish neuro endocrinology continues to have significant impacts on our general understanding of the functional roles and evolution of a variety of neurochemical messengers and systems. Not only do fish possess certain unique neuroendocrine features, they have and continue to be an important and tractable vertebrate model for the discovery of new neuropeptides. During the last fifty years, neuroendocrinologists have documented a complex, and sometimes seemingly infinite, number of interactions between hormones and nerve structures. Emerging from this knowledge is an understanding of the specific neurohormonal pathways and the messengers responsible for maintaining homeostasis in an aquatic environment and for regulating the functional systems that allow for the highly diverse life histories and reproductive tactics of fish. We now have a vast and rapidly expanding knowledge of the neuroendocrine regulatory mechanisms in fish. But until now there was nosing let ext that covered the discipline of fish neuroendocrinology. In fact, other than a few mammalian neuroendocrinology textbooks, there isa void of major reference texts in comparative neuroendocrinology.
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