Author : D. K. Molina

Published in : CRC press

ISBN : 978-1-4200-7641-7

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It is important to note that the purpose of this book is to assist forensic professionals in the interpretation of common toxicology results. Forensic toxicology not only encompasses the identification and quantification of drugs, but also the meaning of those drugs in the setting of death: Did the drug cause death? Contribute to death? Is it unrelated? This book is in no way meant to substitute for a thorough death investigation and complete autopsy, as toxicology results should never be interpreted in a vacuum. Interpretation of toxicology results depends on a multitude of factors including the time since death/intoxication, the possibility of tolerance, and the presence or absence of other drugs that may lead to interactions and toxicity even if all of the drugs present are within the “therapeutic range.” The concentrations given in this book are a compilation of the data in the literature, mostly coming from case reports. Articles were chosen based on scientific merit and the lack of confounding factors in causing the death or toxicity; thus, some sources listed in other texts are not considered here. The lethal and toxic cases listed represent pure, single drug intoxications unless otherwise noted. The therapeutic/nontoxic concentrations given were usually determined in the healthy living population during pharmacokinetic studies, although some concentrations reflect postmortem data from individuals dying of unrelated causes who were known to be taking therapeutic doses of the medication.
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