Author : Takayuki Shibamoto & Leonard F. Bjeldanes

Published in : AP publish

ISBN No.  : 978-0123742865

File Type : pdf

File Size : 3 mb

Language : English


Food is one of the most essential materials for the survival of living organisms, following perhaps only oxygen and water in importance. People have been learning how to prepare appropriate foods since prehistoric times. However, there was probably a tremendous sacrifice of human lives before people learned to find and prepare safe foods. For thousands of years trial and error was the only method to detect the presence of poisons in certain foods. Systematic data on poisons in foods have been recorded for only approximately 200 years or so. Moreover, only a decade has passed since food toxicology was first taught in universities. This textbook is aimed at students who do not have strong backgrounds in either toxicology or food science. The format is designed primarily to teach students basic toxicology; toxicants and their fates in foods and the human body are then discussed. The number of students who are interested in toxicology has in creased dramatically in the past several years. Issues related to toxic materials have received more and more attention from the public. The issues and potential problems are reported almost daily by the mass media, including television, newspapers, and magazines. Major misunderstandings and confusion raised by those reports are almost always due to lack of basic knowledge about toxicology among consumers. This textbook provides the basic principles of food toxicology in order to help the general public better understand the real problems of toxic materials in foods.
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