Lithium-ion Battery Materials and Engineering

Author : Malgorzata K. Gulbinska

Published in : Springer

ISBN No.  : 978-1-4471-6548-4

File Type : pdf

File Size : 6 mb

Language : English


This book covers selected topics in lithium-ion batteries science and technology viewed from a perspective of scientists and engineers who work in an industrial setting. The primary intent of this work was to discuss the current technology, the most pressing challenges, and the potential future developments in an unassuming yet thorough manner. Considering the large volume of publications dedicated to the energy storage in general and lithium-ion batteries in particular, our aim was to provide a “companion” publication that would discuss selected inter-disciplinary aspects of the Li-ion materials and engineering. Modern battery science and engineering often draw inspiration from other science and technology fields, such as physical chemistry, crystallography, electronics, etc. Frequently, the terms and definitions associated with these fields become carried over with an assumption of prior knowledge. Several of these concepts were explained in this publication and/or the sources were given for a more comprehensive reading, as desired by the reader. Chapter 1 of this book discusses several main cell components: cathodes, anodes, electrolyte solutions, and separators. Typically, the commonly used syntheses methods of these materials are discussed, along with their principal properties and the requirements for successful implementation in high-end cells. The chapter concludes with the forecast of future directions in cell materials’ development.
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