Magnetism From Fundamentals to Nanoscale Dynamics

Author : J. Stöhr & H.C. Siegmann

Published in : Springer

ISBN : 3-540-30282-4

File Type : pdf

File Size : 29 mb

Language : English


This book emerged from a close collaboration of the authors which started in the fall of 2000. Early that year one of us (J.S.) had joined the Stanford faculty after spending nearly 15 years at the IBM Almaden Research Center and the other (H.C.S.) had just retired from a chair at the ETH Zürich and come to Stanford as a visiting professor. Together we organized magnetism meetings of a small group of scientists which oscillated weekly between the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) and the Advanced Light Source (ALS) in nearby Berkeley. We also organized annual winter workshops at Lake Tahoe where all participants reported on their research – of course we snuck in a few ski runs, as well. These meetings were great fun and some seemed to go on forever because there was so much interest and enthusiasm and so much to discuss... The participants varied over the years and consisted of students, postdocs, Stanford and Berkeley scientists, visiting scientists and participants from industry. In alphabetical order, some of the people involved were Yves Acremann, Scott Andrews, Andreas Bauer, Mark Burkhardt, Venkatesh Chembrolu, Kang Chen, Sug-Bong Choe, Bruce Clemens, Alexander Dobin, Thomas Eimüller, Stefan Eisebitt, Sara Gamble, Alexander Kashuba, Marcus L¨ orgen, Jan Lüning, Gereon Meyer, Hendrik Ohldag, Howard Padmore, Ramon Rick, Andreas Scherz, Bill Schlotter, Andreas Scholl, Christian Stamm, John Paul Strachan, Jan Thiele, Ioan Tudosa, Ashwin Tulapurkar, Shan Wang and Xiaowei Yu. All this would have been impossible without support from the Office of Basic Energy Sciences of the US Department of Energy (DOE), and we gratefully acknowledge DOE’s support of our research program. We have also greatly benefitted from discussions with colleagues and from material they have provided, and we would especially like to thank Elke Arenholz, Sam Bader, Carl Bennemann, Matthias Bode, Patrick Bruno, John Clendenin, Markus Donath, Olle Eriksson, Jürgen Kirschner, Peter Oppeneer, Jürg Osterwalder, Stuart Parkin, Danilo Pescia, Dan Pierce, Theo Rasing, Andrei Rogalev, Kai Starke, Dieter Weller and Ruqian Wu.
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