Neuroendocrinology of Leptin Frontiers of Hormone Research


Author : Ashley B. Grossman & Ehud Ur, Halifax

Published in : Karger

ISBN No.  : 3–8055–6921–1

File Type : pdf

File Size : 992 kb

Language : English


The discovery of the hormone leptin has become one of the most fascinating discoveries in endocrinology in the 1990s, and the exponential increase in publications on the subject seems set to continue well into the next millennium. Even if the peptide itself does not prove to be of widespread clinical utility, its discovery has led to a massive increase in research into the fundamentals of human obesity, and has completely opened up an area which had previously progressed little over several decades. Several overviews have recently appeared on the subject of leptin and related peptides, but this is the first which concentrates on the neuroendocrine interactions of leptin, in addition to its effect on the control of appetite. Dr. Ur has put together an impressive and wideranging series of experts within the field, their reviews emphasising the unique fascination of this novel peptide and its ever-increasing range of pleiotropic activities. In particular, many neuroendocrinologists will welcome the review of the possible involvement of leptin in the induction of puberty, while the recent discovery of leptin in the brain opens up a further field on active research. I am sure that this volume will have much to offer basic scientists and clinicians alike who have been intrigued by the activity of leptin, and who wish to understand the current state of play of research.
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