Ondeo/Nalco Fuel Field Manual

Author : Kim B. Peyton

Published in : McGraw-Hill

ISBN : 0-07-138786-2

File Type : pdf

File Size : 15 mb

Language : English


The revised edition of the Fuel Field Manual contains most of the same information as the original edition. Portions of the text have been revised to correct mistakes and to better describe some of the technological detail presented. Several schematic diagrams and chemical equations have been added to help clarify processes taking place within the refinery. Graphics depicting problems associated within the fuel injection and combustion systems are also included. To keep pace with advances and changes in the fuel industry, a new chapter has been added. The chapter is titled Synthetic and Alternative Fuels. Contained within this chapter is a review of information about the processing, properties, and performance of synthetic and alternative fuels. Pertinent background information is presented to account for the tremendous amount of work that led to the development of the present-day synthetic and alternative fuel industry. A brief summary of the handling and performance characteristics associated with various alternative fuels provides useful information about the fuels, their strengths, and their shortcomings.
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