Physics of optoelectronics


Author : Michael A. Parker

Published in : CRC Press

ISBN : 978-0-8247-5385-6

File Type : pdf

File Size : 7 mb

Language : English


The study of optoelectronics examines matter, light and their interactions. The solid state and quantum theory provide fundamental descriptions of matter. The solid state shows
the effect of crystal structure and departure from crystal structure on electronic transport. Classical and quantum electrodynamics describe the foundations of light and the interaction with matter. The text introduces laser engineering physics in sufficient depth to make accessible recent publications in theory, experiment and construction. A number of well-known texts review present trends in optoelectronics while many others develop the theory. The Physics of Optoelectronics progresses from introductory material to that found in more advanced texts. Such a broad palette, however, requires the support of many sources as suggested by the reference sections after every chapter. The journal literature itself is dauntingly vast and best left to the individual texts for summary in any particular topical area. For this reason, the present text often overlaps many excellent references as a service to the reader to provide a self-contained account of the subject. The Physics of Optoelectronics addresses the needs of students and professionals with a ‘‘standard’’ undergraduate background in engineering and physics. First- and second-year graduate students in science and engineering will most benefit, especially those planning further research and development. The textbook includes sufficient material for introducing undergraduates to semiconductor emitters and has been used for courses taught at Rutgers and Syracuse Universities over a period of six years. The students come from a variety of departments, but primarily from electrical and computer engineering. A subsequent course in optical systems and optoelectronic devices would be the most natural follow-up to the material presented herein.
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