Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2016/2


Author : J. Bruffaerts, T. V. Chciuk, R. A. Flowers, II, H. Fujioka, A. Ishii, X. Jiang, T. Kimura, Y. Li, K. Murai, T. Nokami, A. Tsubouchi, A. Vasseur, W. Xie, M. Yoshimatsu

Published in :  Georg Thieme Verlag

ISBN : 978-3-13-220871-1

File Type : pdf

File Size : 4  mb

Language : English


As the pace and breadth of research intensifies, organic synthesis is playing an increasingly central role in the discovery process within all imaginable areas of science: from pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and materials science to areas of biology and physics, the most impactful investigations are becoming more and more molecular. As an enabling science, synthetic organic chemistry is uniquely poised to provide access to compounds with exciting andvaluable new properties. Organic moleculesof extreme complexity can, given expert knowledge, be prepared with exquisite efficiency and selectivity, allowing virtually any phenomenon to be probed at levels never before imagined. With ready access to materials of remarkable structural diversity, critical studies can be conducted that reveal the intimate workings of chemical, biological, or physical processes with stunning detail. The sheer variety of chemical structural space required for these investigations and the design elements necessary to assemble molecular targets of increasing intricacy place extraordinary demands on the individual synthetic methods used. They must be robust and provide reliably high yields on both small and large scales, have broad applicability, and exhibit high selectivity.
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