3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development


Author : Fletcher Dunn & Ian Parberry

Published in : Wordware Publishing

ISBN :  1-55622-911-9

File Type : pdf

File Size : 22 mb

Language : English


FletcherwouldliketothankhishighschoolseniorEnglishteacher.Sheprovidedconstantencouragement and help with proofreading, even though she wasn’t really interested in 3D math. She is also his mom. Fletcher would also like to thank his dad for calling him every day to check on the progress of the book or just to talk. Fletcher would like to thank his boss, Mark Randel, for being an excellent teacher, mentor, and role model. Thanks goes to Chris DeSimone and Mario Merino as well, who (unlike Fletcher) actually have artistic ability and helped out with some of the more tricky diagrams in 3D Studio Max. A special thanks to Allen Bogue, Jeff Mills, Jeff Wilkerson, Matt Bogue, Todd Poynter, and Nathan Peugh for their opinions and feedback. Ian would like to thank his wife for not threatening to cause him physical harm when he took multiple weekends away from his family duties to work on this book. He would like to thank his children for not whining too loudly. Also, thanks to the students of his Advanced Game Programming class at the University of North Texas in Spring 2002 for commenting on parts of this book in class. Oh, and thanks to Keith Smiley for the dead sheep.
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