Bioinspired Superhydrophobic Surfaces Advances and Applications with Metallic and Inorganic Materials


Author : Frédéric Guittard & Thierry Darmanin

Published in : Pan Stanford Publishing

ISBN :  978-1-315-22961-4

File type : pdf

File Size : 11 mb

Language : English


Materials with super hydrophobic or related properties are one of the most studied subjects in the literature from a theoretical point of view and also for the large range of possible application for example, in anti corrosives, antibacterials, optical devices, or sensors. The study of natural species with special wettability showed the importance of surface structures and the surface energy of the resulting surface properties. Various strategies can be used to reproduce super hydrophobic phenomena in laboratory. In this book, we focus especially on the use of metallic and inorganic materials. Indeed, they present unique properties, for example, in terms of thermal resistance, mechanical resistance, chemical and ageing resistance, opt (transparency, anti reflection, photo luminescence), and electrical properties (conducting, semi-conducting, insulating). In this book, we review most of the strategies used in the literature using metallic and inorganic materials to obtain super hydrophobic.
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