Essentials of chemistry


AUTHOR : Beier Søren Prip

Published in : Ventus

ISBN 978-87-403-0322-3

File type : pdf

File Size : 5 mb

Language : English


This book is written primarily to engineering students in the fields of basic chemistry, environmental chemistry, food production, chemical and biochemical engineering who in the beginning of their university studies receive education hi inorganic chemistry and applied chemistry in general. The aim of this book is to explain and clarify important terms and concepts which the students are supposed to be familiar with. The book can not replace existing educational textbooks but it gives a great supplement to the education within chemistry. Many smaller assignments and examples including solutions are given in the book. The book is divided into six chapters covering the introductory parts of the education within chemistry at universities and chemical engineering schools. One of the amis of this book is to lighten the shift from grammar school/high school/gymnasium to the university.
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