General,Organic,and Biological Chemistry 4 Edition



Published in : Houghton Mifflin Company

ISBN :  0-618-60606-8

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Language : English


Writing an introductory college text, particularly one that encompasses as wide a range of topics as General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry does, is a huge undertaking. When the first edition of the text was published nine years ago, my hopes were high. Thus, the positive responses of instructors and students who used the three previous editions of this text have been gratifying and have led to the new edition you hold in your hands. This fourth edition represents a renewed commitment to the goals I initially set out to meet when writing the first edition. These goals have not changed with the passage of time. My initial and ongoing goals are to write a text in which ? The needs are simultaneously met for the many students in the fields of nursing, allied health, biological sciences, agricultural sciences, food sciences, and public health who are required to take such a course ? The development of chemical topics always starts out at ground level. The students who will use this text often have little or no background in chemistry and hence approach the course with a good deal of trepidation. This “ground level” approach addresses this situation. ? The amount and level of mathematics is purposefully restricted. Clearly, some chemical principles cannot be divorced entirely from mathematics and, when this is the case, appropriate mathematical coverage is included.
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