Introductory Chemistry for Today Seventh Edition


Author : Spencer L. Seager & Michael R. Slabaugh

Published in :  Brooks/Cole

ISBN :  0-538-73430-2

File type : pdf

File Size : 26 mb

Language : English


We, as authors, are pleased that the acceptance of the previous six editions of this textbook by students and their teachers has made it possible to publish this seventh edition. In the earlier editions, we expressed our concern about the negative image of chemistry held by many of our students, and their genuine fear of working with chemicals in the laboratory. Unfortunately, this negative image not only persists, but seems to be intensifying. Reports in the media related to chemicals or to chemistry continue to be primarily negative, and in many cases seem to be designed to increase the fear and concern of the general public. With this edition, we continue to hope that those who use this book will gain a more positive understanding and appreciation of the important contributions that chemistry makes in their lives.
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