Leve Up The Guide to Great Video Game Designa


Author : Scott Rogers

Published in : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 978-0-470-68867-0

File type : pdf

File Size : 10 mb

Language : English


Scott set out to write a handbook; a general text that any designer can pull off their shelf or call up on their PC or e - reader when they want to get back to fundamentals. A sort of Scout Handbook or Farmer ’ s Almanac for game creation. Scott has even included the kind of clear and simple illustrations you might find in these evergreen texts. When any team in sports, any military unit, or any human endeavor wants success, they start in one place: with the basics. How many times have we
heard after a big win, “ It ’ s all about fundamentals. ” One of those fundamentals I ’ve found valuable in game design is the concept of “ doing one thing, well. ” Well, Mr. Rogers has done just that with his handbook. Whether you are starting out as a new designer or are a veteran who ’ s stuck on a difficult problem, pull this handbook off the shelf, get back to the fundamentals, and I ’ ll bet they trigger some inspiration that will take you beyond.
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