ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Structure and Function 7 Edition



Published in : W.H. Freeman and Company

ISBN :  1-4641-2027-7

File type : pdf

File Size : 32 mb

Language : English


In this textbook, Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function, we present a logical framework for understanding contemporary organic chemistry. This framework emphasizes that the structure of an organic molecule determines how that molecule functions, be it with respect to its physical behavior or in a chemical reaction. In the seventh edition, we have strengthened the themes of understanding reactivity, mechanisms, and synthetic analysis to apply chemical concepts to realistic situations. We have incorporated new applications of organic chemistry in the life and material sciences. In particular, we have introduced some of the fundamentals of medicinal chemistry in over 70 new entries describing drug design, absorption, metabolism, mode of action, and medicinal terminology. We have expanded on improving students’ ability to grasp concepts in a number of sections (“Keys to Success”) and on their problem solving skills by presenting step-by-step guides in Worked Examples. These and other innovations are illustrated in the following pages. Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function is offered in an online version to give students cost-effective access to all content from the text plus all student media resources.
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