Plant Drug Analysis A Thin Layer Chromatography Atlas


Author : Hildebert Wagner

Published in :  Springer

ISBN :   3-540-58676-8

File Type : pdf

File Size : 37 mb

Language : English


Thin-Layer Chromatographic Analysis of Drugs Of the many chromatographic methods presently available, thin-layer chromatography (TLC) is widely used for the rapid analysis of drugs and drug preparations. There are several reasons for this:
• The time required for the demonstration of most of the characteristic constituents of a drug by Tl.C is very short.
• in addition to qualitative detection, TLC also provides semi-quantitative information on the major active constituents of a drug or drug preparation, thus enabling an assessment of drug quality.
• TLC provides a chromatographic drug fingerprint. It is therefore suitable for monitoring the identity and purity of drugs and for detecting adulterations and substitutions.
• With the aid of appropriate separation procedures, TLC can be used to analyze drug combinations and phytochemical preparations.
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