Plant Pathology by Agrios

Plant Pathology

Author: George N. Agrios

Published in: Elsevier Academic Press

ISBN : 0-12-044565-4 

File type: pdf

File Size: 138 MB

Language: English

Description of Plant Pathology

Since the appearance of the 1st edition of Plant Pathology in June 1969, tremendous advances have been made both in the science of plant pathology and in the publishing business. As well as in specialized books and annual reviews, was digested and pertinent portions of it were included in each new edition of the book. The worldwide use of the book, in English or in its several translations, also created a need to describe additional diseases affecting crops important to different parts of the world. 
There has been, therefore, a continuous need to add at least some additional text and more illustrations to the book with as little increase in the size of the book as possible. Fortunately, through the use of computers, tremendous advances have been made in the publishing business, including paper quality and labor costs and, particularly, in the Reproducibility and affordability of color photographs and diagrams. 
Plant diseases and plant pathology come alive when illustrated in full color and it has been the author’s dream to have all the figures in color. Add to these advances the interest of the author and of the publishers to spare no effort or expense in the production of this book and you have what we believe is the best book possible for the effective teaching of plant pathology at today’s college-level worldwide. To begin with, “Plant Pathology, 5th edition” provides each instructor with all the significant new developments in each area and gives the instructor choices in the type and amount of general concepts material (Chapters 1–9) and of specific diseases (Chapters 10–16) he/she will cover. 
Each chapter begins with a fairly detailed, well-organized table of contents that can be used by students and instructors as an outline for the chapter. The instructor can also use it to cover parts of it in detail in class while some of the topics are covered briefly and others are assigned to the students as further reading. Each student, however, has all the latest material, well organized and beautifully illustrated, available in a way that is self-explanatory and, with the complete glossary provided, can be understood with minimal effort.
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