Use Vim Like A Pro Go from noob to pro


Author : Tim Ottinger

Published in : Leanpub

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Language : English


Nobody knows all of vim. Nobody needs to know it all. You only need to know how to do your own work. The secret is to not settle for crummy ways of doing work. vim has word completion, and undo, and shortcuts, and abbreviations, and keyboard customization, and macros, and scripts. You can turn this into your editor for your environment. That is cool, but it may be reassuring to know that you can probably will not need to. You can be far more productive without touching any of deeply advanced features. As Bram Moolenaar (vim’s primary author) says, the best way to learn vim is to use it and ask questions. This little tutorial is full of questions you might not have thought to ask. That’s the main value I can give you. vim has a built-in tutorial. You might want to try it, especially if you don’t like my tutorial. All you have to do is type “vimtutor” at the command line. It is a very nice tutorial, and is rather complete (compared to mine, which is fairly nice but not very complete at all). Finally, please consider GVIM. It will make your experience much more pleasant. If you only have vim, then you can still use it and learn, but GVIM has a much nicer look, lets you use your mouse and scroll wheel, and has menus and icons for those of you who are used to such things.
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