Introduction to Plant Physiology 4e


Author : William G. Hopkins and Norman P. A. H√ľner

Published in : john wiley and sons

ISBN : 978-0-470-24766-2

File Type : pdf

File Size : 18 mb

Language : English


When the first edition of this text appeared thirteen years ago, its writing was guided by several of objectives. • The text should be suited for a semester course for undergraduate students encountering the subject of plant physiology for the first time. It was assumed that the student would have completed a first course in botany or biology with a strong botanical component. The book should provide a broad framework for those interested in pursuing advanced study in plant physiology, but it should also provide the general understanding of plant function necessary for students of ecology or agriculture. • In keeping with the above objective, the text should focus on fundamental principles of how plants work while attempting to balance the demands of bio- chemistry and molecular biology on the one hand, and traditional ‘‘whole-plant’’ physiology on the other. • The text should be interesting and readable. It should include some history so the student appreci- ates how we arrivedat our current understanding. It should also point to future directions and challenges in the field.
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