Introduction to Modern Virology 6th edition (PDF)

Introduction to Modern Virology 6th edition

Author : N. J. Dimmock, A. J. Easton & K. N. Leppard


ISBN : 978-1-4051-3645-7

File Type : pdf

File Size : 6 mb

Language : English


This book, now in its sixth edition, provides a rounded introduction to viruses and the infections that they cause, and is aimed at undergraduate students at all levels and postgraduates wishing to learn about virology for the first time. It approaches the subject on a concept by concept basis, rather than considering each virus in turn. In this way, the important parallels and contrasts between different viruses and their infections are emphasized. Previous editions have underpinned our own teaching of virology at the University of Warwick for many years and have been widely adopted for undergraduate courses elsewhere. Our aim in writing this new edition has been to cover the breadth of this fascinating and important subject while keeping the text concise and approachable. It is thus suitable for students who may be studying virology as just one among many facets of biology or medicine, as well as for those who intend to focus on the subject in depth. A basic knowledge of cell and molecular biology is assumed, but other topics are introduced progressively in the text and explained as needed. An introduction to immunology is provided as a separate chapter because of its crucial relevance to the understanding of viral disease.

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