Na+-H+ Exchange, lntracellular pH, and Cell Function Volume 26


Author : Arnost Kleinzeller and Felix Bronner

Published in :  ACADEMIC PRESS, INC.

ISBN : 0-12-153326-3

File Type : pdf

File Size : 24 mb

Language : English


Since  1975,  the Yale University Department of Physiology has sponsored annual symposia on topics concerned with membrane transport processes. The goal of the symposium held on December  13-15,  1984  was to describe the properties of the plasma membrane Nat -H  +  exchanger, to discuss its role and that of other acid-base transport systems  in  the regulation of intra cellular pH, and to relate Na+-H+ exchange and intra cellular pH to other important aspects  of  cell function. For this purpose, a group of distinguished scientists from diverse disciplines was assembled, and they have contributed the chapters to this volume.
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