Angiosperm Pollen and Ovules


Author : E.  Ottaviano, M. Sari Gorla, D.L.  Mulcahy & G. Bergamini Mulcahy

Published in : Springer

ISBN : 978-1-4612-2958-2

File Type : pdf

File Size : 32.4 mb

Language : English


Plants provide an excellent ecosystem for microorganisms that interact with plant cells and tissues with differing degrees of dependence. Investigation on the relationship between roots and microbiota are essential to achieve innovations in agriculture and biotechnology. Similar to other industries, one such system is adoption of biological agents in the form of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB). These groups of bacteria are as effective as pure chemical on plant growth enhancement and disease control besides managing abiotic and other stresses in plants. Such organisms are now alternative paradigms for commercialization. Seeing the importance of these bacteria in the protection of plant health, new biotechnological approaches are employed regulating to develop newer and much better microbial agents for management of the phytopathogens.
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