BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOINFORMATICS Advances and Applications for Bioenergy, Bioremediation, and Biopharmaceutical Research


Author : Devarajan Thangadurai and Jeyabalan Sangeetha

Published in : Apple Academic Press

ISBN : 978-1-4822-3938-6

File Type : pdf

File Size : 57 mb

Language : English


Biology is the study of living things, which helps to acquaint us about ourselves and the subsistence atmosphere around us with some scientific proofs. To do this, we need the unification of the various branches of biology. To discover, to identify problems, and to make complex things simple in biology, we are using various technologies that have developed through research. Among all the branches of biology, biotechnology plays a major role in research, which is aligned with all the branches of biology to develop new technologies. To make any modifications in existing biological systems, we use various methods of biotechnology, which helps in making impossible things possible, such as cloning, plant tissue culture, transplantation experiments, stem cell therapy, bioremediation, r-DNA technology in development of vaccines, drug discovery, etc.
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