Cell and Tissue Culture : Laboratory procedures in Biotechnology


Author : Alan Doyle

Published in : John Wiley

ISBN :0-471-98255-5

File Type : pdf

File Size : 50 mb

Language : English


During the last  20  years we have witnessed the extraordinary impact of biotecnology in the academic research laboratory and  in industry. Not only has it provided a stimulus for the creation of a large number  of  companies in the new biotechnology industry, but it has  also been a catalyst for new approaches in existing industries. The result has been  the development of many, important, new methods of diagnosis and therapy in hum  hcare and, increasingly, new approaches to solving problems in agriculture. these applications represent the tangible and often remarkable end products of biotechnology, it is clear that their develoment would not have been possible without the development of anlly remarkale array of new manufacturing technologies and laboratoy tool

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