Current Trends in the Embryology of Angiosperms


Author : S.S.  Bhojwani & W.Y.  Soh

Published in : SPRINGER Press

ISBN : 978-94-017-1203-3

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Embryo, the progenitor  of  the next generation,  is  endowed with the unique capacity  to  withstand extreme desiccation and other environmental stresses without losing its viability and sprouts into a new plant under favourable conditions. Several floral structures and intricate processes are involved in the formation  of  embryo. These include the formation  of  haploid gametes inside the male (anther) and female (ovary) sex organs, fusion  of  the gametes of  opposite sexes and the development  of  embryo (embryogenesis) and the nutritive (endosperm) and protective (seed-coat and fruit wall) structures. The sexual cycle in angiosperms has several unique features. For considerable time breeders have attempted, more often unsuccessfully than successfully,  to  manipulate the embryological processes  to  achieve their goal of  creating improved varieties  of  plants with new genes.
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