Developmental Biology of Flowering Plants


Author : V. Raghavan

Published in : Springer

ISBN : 978-1-4612-1234-8

File Type : pdf

File Size : 38 mb

Language : English


The study of the development of flowering plants may be said to be in the throes of a revolution. The literature on the subject is extensive and continues to grow rapidly as new discoveries pile one on top of the other; moreover, these striking advances in our knowledge have put plant developmental biology well ahead of other aspects of the study of plants. This has come about after a period of neglect and stagnation in the field and has been triggered by the power of recombinant  DNA technology to analyze genetic information and by a fruitful cross-fertilization between physiology, genetics, and molecular biology. Whereas considerations of developmental phenomena were at one time largely restricted to the structure and physiology of a wide selection of plants, recent molecular and genetic approaches are focused on one or two model systems. Notwithstanding the difficulty of having to relate developmental mechanisms in a few experimentally attractive models to the enormous range of plants, the use of model systems has gained wide acceptance.
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