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Flowering Plant Families of The World

Author: V.H. Heywood, R. K. Brummitt A. Culham & O.Seberg
Pages: 424
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Description of Flowering Plant Families of The World

Flowering Plant Families of The World written by V.H. Heywood provides complete information about Flowering Plant Families you can get full (DjVu) ebook download here. Since the publication of the first English—language edition of Flowering Plants of the World in 1978, our knowledge of the flowering plants has been dramatically changed as a result of a flood of publications on morphology, anatomy, distribution, and molecular phylogeny. Our original intention was to prepare an updated edition of the book to reflect this new information but so extensive were the changes needed that we abandoned the original text in most cases and prepared what is in effect a new book.

The aim of this book is to provide a concise account of all the families that are considered by the authors to be worthy of recognition, taking into account all the latest evidence. The number of families has increased from 306 in Flowering Plants of the World to 506. For each family we have provided a summary of the main features of its distribution and where appropriate details of important genera or other points of interest and often an indication of the type of habitat in which the family grows.

We have tried to make the descriptions as consistent in presentation as possible. The section on classification for each family includes where appropriate information on the subdivision of the family into subfamilies and/or tribes and indicates where the circumscription and content of the family has been changed compared with previous treatments. It also summarizes both traditional and the most recent views on relationships, including those suggested by molecular evidence. Significant economic uses are summarized. As a break from the previous book, references are given to key literature, but because of space limitations these have had to be restricted. A general distribution map is given for most families but because of the scale, little detail is possible. Accurate distribution maps are difficult to compile and are surprisingly rare in the literature.

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