Flowers on the Tree of Life


Author : Livia Wanntorp

Published in : cambridge university press

ISBN : 978-0-521-76599-2

File Type : pdf

File Size : 6.84 mb

Language : English


We thank the organizers of an excellent meeting in Leiden, especially Professor Erik Smets, Director of the National Herbarium of the Netherlands and Dr Peter Hovenkamp for their welcome and continuous support. We express our thanks to the Systematics Association, especially Richard Bateman and Alan Warren for supporting this initiative, and Cambridge University Press for publishing this work. We are grateful to all authors who contributed to this book and colleagues who agreed to take time to review the chapters improving the standard of assembled articles, especially Peter Stevens, Thomas Stuetzel, Favio González, Jürg Schönenberger, Dmitry Sokoloff, Angelica Bello, Rolf Rutishauser, Merran Matthews, Patrick Herendeen, John Dransfield, Mark Newman, Fabian Michelangeli and Erik Smets.
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