Mechanical Integration of Plant Cells and Plants


Author : Przemysław Wojtaszek

Published in : Springer

ISBN : 978-3-642-19091-9

File Type : pdf

File Size : 3.54 mb

Language : English


The great successes of science in the last one and a half century built a strong conviction that chemical reactions and interactions between molecules lie at the basis of life. Starting with physiological chemistry, through biochemistry and physiology, up to molecular biology, -omics, systems biology, and now also synthetic biology, they all provided a very detailed picture of the chemical nature of cells and organisms. Only in some areas of natural sciences, the emerging data were suggesting that biology means more than chemistry itself. Electrophysiology, bioenergetics, the phenomenon of photosynthesis on one side, and the properties of wood, cotton fibers, silk, or spiderweb as construction and engineering materials on the other, are only a handful of such cases.

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