Plant Anatomy An Applied Approach


Author : David F Cutler, Ted Botha & D. W. Stevenson


ISBN : 978-1-4051-2679-3

File Type : pdf

File Size : 10 mb

Language : English


Plant anatomy, the study of plant cells and tissues, has advanced considerably since the early descriptive accounts were made which consisted mainly of cataloguing what was ‘out there’. Anatomical data have been applied in the better understanding of the interrelationships of plants, and in the molecular age provide confi rming evidence of natural relationships of plant families in combined analyses. Plant physiologists need to know where certain processes are being carried out by plants – there are particularly interesting studies on phloem loading and the transport of synthesized materials, for example. There is a long list of applications, and these are expanded on in Chapter 1. One of us (DFC) wrote a book, Applied Plant Anatomy (published in 1978), aimed at reaching students who needed to know about the anatomy of plants, but found the encyclopaedic volumes daunting. This book served its purpose well, but is now very dated and long out of print.
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