Plant Biosystematics


Author : William E Grant

Published in : ACADEMIC PRESS

ISBN : 0-12-295680-X

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Language : English


Plant Biosystematics is the proceedings of a four-day symposium held at McGill University, Montreal, in July, 1983. The symposium was sponsored by the International Organization of Plant Biosystematists in their continuing role to foster international cooperation in plant biosystematics. Delegates from 16 countries participated. The theme of the symposium was "Plant Biosystematics: Forty Years Later," in recognition of the introduction of the term "biosystematy" by Camp and Gilly in 1943. Camp and Gilly considered "biosystematy" as a descriptive term to cover newer approaches to "(1) delimit the natural biotic units and (2) apply to these units a system of nomenclature adequate to the task of conveying precise information regarding their defined limits, relationships, variability, and dynamic structure." The types of studies they advocated were to provide a system of classification which was to form a basis for the organization of information of all types concerning living organisms, and ultimately to provide solutions to questions concerning biological diversity within the framework of evolution.
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