Plant Cell Culture Protocols


Author : Robert  D. Hall

Published in : Humana  Press 

ANSI : 239  48-1984

File Type : pdf 

File Size : 25 mb

Language : English


With the continued expansion of in vitro technologies, plant-cell culture has become the general title for a very broad  subject. Although in the beginnmg it was possible to culture plant cells either as established organs, such as roots, or as disorganized masses, it is now possible to culture plant cells m a variety of ways: individually (as single cells in microculture systems); collectively (as calluses or suspensions, on Petri dishes, in Erlenmeyer flasks, or m large-scale fermenters); or as organized units, whether this is shoots, roots, ovules, flowers, fruits, and so forth. In the case ofdrabidopsz’s, it is even possible to culture complete plants for generations from seed germination to seed set without having to revert to an in vivo phase.
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