Plant Genetic Conservation The in situ approach


Author : N.  Maxted,  B.V.  Ford-Lloyd &  J.G.  Hawkes

Published in : Kluwer Academic Publishers

ISBN : 978-94-009-1437-7

File Type : pdf

File Size :8.63 mb

Language : English


The recent development of ideas  on  biodiversity conservation was already being considered almost three-quarters of a century ago for crop plants  and  the wild species related to them,  by  the Russian geneticist N.!. Vavilov.  He  was  undoubtedly  the first scientist to  understand  the importance for  humankind  of conserving for utilization the genetic diversity of our  ancient crop plants  and  their wild relatives from their centres of diversity. His collections showed various traits of adaptation to environmental extremes  and  biotypes of crop diseases  and  pests which were unknown  to most  plant  breeders in the first quarter of the twentieth century.
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