Plant Hormones 1st Edition PDF

Plant Hormones 1st Edition PDF

Author: Gerald Litwack
Release Year: 2005
Pages: 553
Edition: 1st Edition
Series: Vitamins & Hormones 72
File Size: 6 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Plant Hormones 1st Edition PDF

Plant Hormones 1st Edition written by Gerald Litwack is a great book for all major plant hormones study available in (PDF) for download. We now have the various genomics tools for monocot (Oryza sativa) and a dicot (Arabidopsis thaliana) plant. Plant is not only a very important agricultural resource but also a model organism for biological research. It is important that the interaction between ABA and GA is investigated for controlling the transition from embryogenesis to germination in seeds using genomics tools. These studies have investigated the relationship between dormancy and germination using genomics tools. Genomics tools identified genes that had never before been annotated as ABA‐ or GA‐responsive genes in plant, detected new interactions between genes responsive to the two hormones, comprehensively characterized cis‐elements of hormone‐responsive genes.

Content of Plant Hormones 1st Edition PDF

Chapter 1: Functional Neuronal Processing of Human Body Odors

Chapter 2: Female Perception of Male Body Odor

Chapter 3: Current Issues in the Study of Androstenes in Human Chemosignaling

Chapter 4: Mammary Odor Cues and Pheromones: Mammalian Infant-Directed

Chapter 5: Exposure to Female Pheromones During Pregnancy Causes Postpartum Anxiety in Mice

Chapter 6: Major Urinary Protein Regulation of Chemical Communication and Nutrient Metabolism

Chapter 7: Chemosensory Function of the Amygdala

Chapter 8: TRPC Channels in Pheromone Sensing

Chapter 9: Alarm Pheromones—Chemical Signaling in Response to Danger

Chapter 10: Odorant-Binding Proteins in Insects

Chapter 11: Drosophila CheB proteins Involved in Gustatory Detection of Pheromones Are Related to a Human Neurodegeneration Factor

Chapter 12: Volatile Signals during Pregnancy

Chapter 13: Olfactory Sensitivity: Functioning in Schizophrenia and Implications for Understanding the Nature and Progression of Psychosis

Chapter 14: Olfactory Systems in Mate Recognition and Sexual Behavior

Chapter 15: Communication by Olfactory Signals in Rabbits: Its Role in Reproduction

Chapter 16: Chemical Communication and Reproduction in the Gray Short-Tailed Opossum (Monodelphis domestica

Chapter 17: Pheromones in a Superorganism: From Gene to Social Regulation

Chapter 18: Unraveling the Pheromone Biosynthesis Activating Neuropeptide (PBAN) Signal Transduction Cascade that Regulates Sex Pheromone Production in Moths

Chapter 19: Pheromones in Social Wasps

Chapter 20: New Pheromones and Insect Control Strategies

Chapter 21: Pheromones and Exocrine Glands in Isoptera

Chapter 22: Aphid Pheromones

Chapter 23: Recent Advances in Methyl Eugenol and Cue-Lure Technologies for Fruit Fly Detection, Monitoring, and Control in Hawaii

Chapter 24: Oviposition Pheromones in Haematophagous Insects


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