Plant Hormones


Author : Gerald Litwack

Published in :  Elsevier

ISBN : 6729(05)72001-X

File Type : pdf

File Size : 5.94 mb

Language : English


We now have the various genomics tools for monocot (Oryza sativa) and a dicot (Arabidopsis thaliana) plant. Plant is not only a very important agricultural resource but also a model organism for biological research. It is important that the interaction between ABA and GA is investigated for controlling the transition from embryogenesis to germination in seeds using genomics tools. These studies have investigated the relationship between dormancy and germination using genomics tools. Genomics tools identified genes that had never before been annotated as ABA‐ or GA‐responsive genes in plant, detected new interactions between genes responsive to the two hormones, comprehensively characterized cis‐elements of hormone‐responsive genes.
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