Plants and Society 7th Edition PDF Download

Plants and Society 7th Edition PDF Download

Author: Estelle Levetin & Karen McMahon
Edition: 7th Edition
Pages: 545
File Size: 70 mb
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Plants and Society 7th Edition

Plants and Society 7th Edition written by Estelle Levetin & Karen McMahon is a great book for plant science study available in (PDF) download. In the twenty-first century, plant science is once again assuming a prominent role in research. Renewed emphasis on developing medicinal products from native plants has encouraged Ethnobotanical endeavors. The destruction of the rain forests has made the timing for this research imperative and has spurred efforts to catalog the plant biodiversity in these environments. Efforts to feed the growing populations in developing nations have also positioned plant scientists at the cutting edge of genetic engineering with the creation of transgenic crops. However, in recent decades botany courses have seen a decline in enrollment, and some courses have even disappeared from the curriculum in many universities.

We have written Plants and Society in an effort to offset this trend. By taking a multidisciplinary approach to studying the relationship between plants and people, we hope to stimulate interest in plant science and encourage students to further study. Also, by exposing students to society’s historical connection to plants, we hope to instill a greater appreciation for the botanical world.

Recently, general botany courses have emphasized the impact of plants on society. In addition, many institutions have developed plants and society courses devoted exclusively to this topic. This emphasis has transformed the traditional economic botany from a dry statistical treatment of “bushels per acre” to an exciting discussion of “botanical marvels” that have influenced our past and will change our future. Plants and Society is intended for use in this type of course, which is usually one semester or one quarter in length. There are no prerequisites, because it is an introductory course. The course covers basic principles of botany and places a strong emphasis on the economic aspects and social implications of plants and fungi.

Content of Plants and Society 7th Edition

    UNIT I Plants and Society: The Botanical Connections to Our Lives
  • 1 Plants in Our Lives
    • UNIT II Introduction to Plant Life: Botanical Principles
  • 2 The Plant Cell
  • 3 The Plant Body
  • 4 Plant Physiology
  • 5 Plant Life Cycle: Flowers
  • 6 Plant Life Cycle: Fruits and Seeds
  • 7 Genetics
  • 8 Plant Systematics and Evolution
  • 9 Diversity of Plant Life
    • UNIT III Plants as a Source of Food
  • 10 Human Nutrition
  • 11 Origins of Agriculture
  • 12 The Grasses
  • 13 Legumes
  • 14 Starchy Staples
  • 15 Feeding a Hungry World
    • UNIT IV Commercial Products Derived from Plants
  • 16 Stimulating Beverages
  • 17 Herbs and Spices
  • 18 Materials: Cloth, Wood, and Paper
    • UNIT V Plants and Human Health
  • 19 Medicinal Plants
  • 20 Psychoactive Plants
  • 21 Poisonous and Allergy Plants
    • UNIT VI Algae and Fungi: The Impact of Algae and Fungi on Human Affairs
  • 22 The Algae
  • 23 Fungi in the Natural Environment
  • 24 Beverages and Foods from Fungi
  • 25 Fungi That Affect Human Health
    • UNIT VII Plants and the Environment
  • 26 Plant Ecology
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