SEEDS Physiology of Development and Germination Second Edition


Author : J.  Derek Bewley & Michael Black

Published in : Springer

ISBN : 78-1-4899-1002-8 

File Type : pdf

File Size :17.9 mb

Language : English


Since the publication  of  the first edition  of  this book there have been enormous advances in certain areas  of  the subject, particularly those which are amenable to study using the techniques and approaches  of  molecular biology and mutant technology. This is especially apparent with respect to seed development, effects  of  abscisic acid and gibberellin on gene expression and certain aspects of  dormancy. Sections  of  the book dealing with these topics have been extensively revised, to incorporate new information and concepts. In one  case-seed development-it  has been necessary to allocate two chapters to the subject, to separate reserve synthesis and its regulation from the more developmental aspects  of  embryogenesis and seed maturation.  As  in the previous edition, we have been mindful throughout  of  placing our discussion and considerations firmly in the context  of  the seed, and where new knowledge at the molecular level is included we have attempted always to emphasize its special relevance to seed biology.
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