A Guide to Physics Problems Part 1 Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrodynamics

Author : Sidney B. Cahn & Boris E. Nadgorny


ISBN : 0-306-48400-5

File Type : pdf

File Size : 7 mb

Language : English


The written qualifying examination, a little publicized requirement of graduate physics programs in most universities, brings some excitement to the generally dull life of the graduate student. While undergoing this ordeal ourselves, we were reminded of the initiation ceremonies into certain strict monastic orders, designed to cause the novices enough pain to make them consider their vocation seriously. However, as the memory of the ghastly experience grows dim, our attitudes are gradually changing, and we now may agree that these exams help assure a minimal level of general physics knowledge necessary for performing successful research. Still, the affair is rather stressful, sometimes more a test of character than of knowledge. Perhaps it is the veteran’s memory of this searing, yet formative experience that preserves the Institution of the Qualifying Exam.

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