Cosmological Inflation and Large Scale Structure

Author: A. Liddle & D. Lyth

Published in: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1-521-57598-2

File Type: djvu

File Size:  3 MB

Language: English


The 1990s have seen substantial consolidation of theoretical cosmology, coupled with dramatic observational advances, including the emergence of an entirely new field of observational astronomy the study of irregularities in the cosmic microwave background radiation. A key idea of modem cosmology is cosmological inflation, which is a possible theory for the origin of all structures in the Universe, including ourselves! The time is ripe for a new book describing this field of research.

This book is based loosely on our 1993 Physics Reports article. We have widened the range of discussion and have made much of the material more pedagogical. We believe that this book will prove useful to starting graduate students in cosmology, to active researchers specializing in the field, and to all levels in between.

Our view of the inflationary cosmology and its consequences has been influenced by many people over the years. ARL especially thanks Alfredo Henriques and Gordon Moorhouse for showing the way into this research area. DHL would like particularly to acknowledge a long term collaboration with Ewan Stewart. Much thanks is due to all our collaborators on the topics within this book, namely Mark Abney, Domingos B arbosa, Tiago Barreiro, John B arrow, Marco Bruni, Ted Bunn, Ed Copeland, Laura Covi, George Ellis, Mary Gaillard, Juan Garcia-Bellido, Anne Green, Louise Griffiths, Ian Grivell, Rocky Kolb, Andrew Laycock, Jim Lidsey, Andrei Linde, Anupam Mazumdar, Milan Miji, Manash Mukherjee, Hitoshi Murayama, Paul Parsons, Antonio Riotto, Dave Roberts, Leszek Roszkowski, Bob Schaefer, Franz Schunck, Douglas Scott, Qaisar Shaft, Ewan Stewart, Will Sutherland, Michael Turner, Pedro Viana, David Wands, Martin White, and Andrzej Woszczyna. Apart from our collaborators, we have had useful conversations with many others, far too many to mention. We hope they know who they are!

We are extremely grateful to Andrei Linde, Martin White, and especially Gordon Moorhouse for their careful reading of the manuscript. The figures for Chapter 12 were made by Pedro Viana, and the compilation of cosmic microwave background anisotropy data shown in Figures 5.9 and 9.2 was kindly provided by Martin White. Many figures were made using the superb publically available CMBFAST code (Seljak and Zaldarriaga 1996), which we strongly recommend everyone to get.

Although we wrote most of the book at our home institutes, occasionally we were some where more glamorous. ARL would like to thank the Universith di Padova, the University of New South Wales, and the Aspen Center for Physics, and DHL the University of California at Berkeley.  ARL acknowledges the generous support of the Royal Society throughout this endeavour. Of course, we have done our best to ensure that the contents of this book are accurate; however, some errors may have slipped through. We would be very grateful if readers would inform us of any they spot.
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