Break the Code Cryptography for Beginners

Author: Bud Johnson

Published in: Dover Publishing

ISBN: 0-486-29146-4

File Type: pdf

File Size:  19 MB

Language: English

Description of Break the Code Cryptography for Beginners

Just read the message backwards to Break the coded message. Almost everyone is intrigued by secrets. In fact, over the centuries many famous people—and some infamous ones, too—have used secret methods of writing. Even today, governments, businesses and all sorts of organizations regularly use codes to communicate. In our book, we'll introduce you to some of the techniques used in this mysterious global world of codes, ciphers and secret writing. You'll learn how each technique works . . . how to break that kind of code . . . and how to use that technique to create your own secret messages. And you'll have plenty to solve with all the practice messages scattered throughout these pages. The cartoons may help you solve the secrets but if they don't, all of the solutions are printed at the end of Break the Code Cryptography for Beginners book.
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