Coding Cryptography and Combinatorics

Author: Keqin Feng, Harald Niederreiter, Chaoping Xing

Published in: Birkhäuser Basel

ISBN: 978-3-0348-7865-4

File Type: pdf

File Size:  8 MB

Language: English

Description of Coding Cryptography and Combinatorics

It has long been recognized that there are fascinating connections between coding theory, cryptography, and combinatorics. Therefore it seemed desirable to us to organize a conference that brings together experts from these three areas for a fruitful exchange of ideas. We decided on a venue in the Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) region, one of the most scenic areas of China, so as to provide the additional inducement of an attractive location. The conference was planned for June 2003 with the official title Workshop on Coding, Cryptography and Combinatorics (CCC 2003). Those who are familiar with events in East Asia in the first half of 2003 can guess what happened in the end, namely the conference had to be cancelled in the interest of the health of the participants. The SARS epidemic posed too serious a threat.

At the time of the cancellation, the organization of the conference was at an advanced stage: all invited speakers had been selected and all abstracts of contributed talks had been screened by the program committee. Thus, it was decided to call on all invited speakers and presenters of accepted contributed talks to submit their manuscripts for publication in the present volume. Altogether, 39 submissions were received and subjected to another round of refereeing. After careful scrutiny, 28 papers were accepted for publication. The selected papers cover a wide range of topics from coding theory, Cryptography, and combinatorics and they contain significant advances in these areas as well as very useful surveys.

We extend our cordial thanks to the international program committee consisting of A.R. Calderbank (USA), C. Carlet (France), C.S. Ding (Hong Kong), K.Q. Feng (China, co-chair), T. Helleseth (Norway), H. Imai (Japan), D. Jung- nickel (Germany), A. Klapper (USA), P.V. Kumar (USA), S. Ling (Singapore), S.L. Ma (Singapore), J.L. Massey (Denmark/Sweden), H. Niederreiter (Singapore, co-chair), T. Okamoto (Japan), D.Y. Pei (China), J.Y. Shao (China), Z.X. Wan (China), and G.Z. Xiao (China). We are grateful to all referees of the manuscripts for their conscientious work and their valuable advice. We acknowledge with gratitude the organizational and financial support that was provided by the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei and the National Science Foundation of China. Special thanks go to Shoulun Long of USTC in Hefei.
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