Cryptography Theory and practice

Author: Paterson, Maura B.; Stinson, Douglas Robert

Published in: CRC Press

ISBN: 978-1138-1-9701-5

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Language: English


The first edition of Cryptography Theory and practice book was published in 1995. The objective at that time was to produce a general textbook that treated all the essential core areas of cryptography, as well as a selection of more advanced topics. More recently, a second edition was published in 2002 and the third edition appeared in 2006. There have been many exciting advances in cryptography since the publication of the first edition of Cryptography Theory and practice book 23 years ago. At the same time, many of the “core” areas of cryptography that were important then are still relevant now—providing a strong grounding in the fundamentals remains a primary goal of Cryptography Theory and practice book. Many decisions had to be made in terms of which older topics to retain and which new subjects should be incorporated into the book. Our choices were guided by criteria such as the relevance to practical applications of cryptography as well as the influence of new approaches and techniques to the design and analysis of cryptographic protocols. In many cases, this involved studying cutting-edge research and attempting to present it in an accessible manner suitable for presentation in the classroom.

In light of the above, the basic core material of secret-key and public-key cryptography is treated in a similar fashion as in previous editions. However, there are many topics that have been added to Cryptography Theory and practice of edition, the most important being the following:
• There is a brand new chapter on the exciting, emerging area of post-quantum cryptography, which covers the most important cryptosystems that are designed to provide security against attacks by quantum computers (Chapter 9).
• A new high-level, nontechnical overview of the goals and tools of cryptography has been added (Chapter 1).
• A new mathematical appendix is included, which summarizes definitions and main results on number theory and algebra that are used throughout the book. Cryptography Theory and practice bok provides a quick way to reference any mathematical terms or theorems that a reader might wish to find (Appendix A).
• An expanded treatment of stream ciphers is provided, including common design techniques along with a description of the popular stream cipher known as Trivium.
• The book now presents additional interesting attacks on cryptosystems, including:
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