Decrypted Secrets Methods and Maxims of Cryptology

Author: Friedrich L. Bauer

Published in: Springer

ISBN: 978-3-540-24502-5

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Language: English

Description of Decrypted Secrets Methods and Maxims of Cryptology

Towards the end of the 1960s, under the influence of the rapid development of microelectronics, electromechanical cryptological machines began to be replaced by electronic data encryption devices using large-scale integrated circuits. This promised more secure encryption at lower prices. Then, in 1976, Diffie and Hellman opened up the new cryptological field of public-key systems. Cryptography, hitherto cloaked in obscurity, was emerging into the public domain. Additionally, ENIGMA revelations awoke the public interest. Computer science was a flourishing new field, too, and computer scientists became interested in several aspects of cryptology. But many of them were not well enough informed about the centuries-long history of cryptology and the high level it had attained. I saw some people starting to reinvent the wheel, and others who had an incredibly naive belief in safe encryption, and I became worried about the commercial and scientific development of professional cryptology among computer scientists and about the unstable situation with respect to official security services.

This prompted me to offer lectures on this subject at the Munich Institute of Technology. The first series of lectures in the winter term 1977/78, backed by the comprehensive and reliable Decrypted Secrets Methods and Maxims of Cryptology book The Codebreakers (1967) by David Kahn, was held under the code name ‘Special Problems of Information Theory’ and therefore attracted neither too many students nor too many suspicious people from outside the university. Next time, in the summer term of 1981, my lectures on the subject were announced under the open title ‘Cryptology’. This was seemingly the first publicly announced lecture series under this title at a German, if not indeed a Continental European, university.

The series of lectures was repeated a few times, and in 1986/87 lecture notes were printed which finally developed into Part I of Decrypted Secrets Methods and Maxims of Cryptology book. Active interest on the side of the students led to a seminar on cryptanalytic methods in the summer term of 1988, from which Part II of the present book originated. The 1993 first edition (in German) of my book Kryptologie, although written mainly for computer science students, found lively interest also outside the field. It was reviewed favorably by some leading science journalists, and the publisher followed the study book edition with a 1995 hardcover edition under the title Entzifferte Geheimnisse [Decrypted Secrets], which gave me the opportunity to round out some subjects. Reviews in American journals recommended also an English version, which led in 1997 to the present book.
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