Ethereum for Architects and Developers with Case Studies and Code Samples in Solidity

Author: Debajani Mohanty

Published in: Apress

ISBN: 978-1484-2-4074-8

File Type: pdf

File Size:  7 MB

Language: English


Since writing my first book on the blockchain technology, I have been invited to many discussions and have been approached by many startups to discuss how to initiate decentralized applications or products on either blockchain or distributed ledger technology.

Interestingly, most people I have met have little understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the blockchain technology. The hype has caused business leaders to spend time investigating use cases that are not necessarily good fits for a blockchain. Industry is still not sure how businesses can get benefits from this blockchain tsunami. To be precise, most blockchain experts today mint money from the market either by offering training programs or by working on initial coin offerings because business leaders are skeptical about blockchain technology and its potential and are still waiting for the right moment to go ahead with its implementation.

Unlike others, I am a late starter in the world of blockchains. In my first book, BlockChain: From Concept to Execution, I summarized most of the blockchain frameworks available on the market and where you can use them. However, as I took a deeper dive into the architecture and implementation details of these frameworks, I ran into a few roadblocks learning how to use them in real life, and I couldn’t find much information available in books, via training programs, or on web sites. I expected to find a straightforward, comprehensive tutorial that covered all the basic necessities, such as verifying proofs and setting up tests, that would help a novice like me, but I came up empty-handed. As a result, I decided to write a book to help out others looking for the same details. This book that I finally ended up writing is a perfect amalgamation of learning to use the blockchain technology at the same time as evaluating profitable, salable business use cases and their implementations using Ethereum, the most widely used blockchain framework in today’s market. With step-by-step tutorials, examples, and pictorial representations and flowcharts, the book is suitable for even novices because of its easy readability. At the same time, it has many case studies with basic implementation details across verticals that will give architects and business leaders some vision of how and where this technology can be used to earn maximum profitability. Readers can use the sample code, enhance it per their respective business needs, and gradually develop and test decentralized applications before going to production.
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